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What Is The Difference Between Fruits And Vegetables

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Fruit) Several culinary fruits Culinary fruits In botany, a fruit is a part of a flowering plant that derives from specialized tissues of the flower, one or more ovaries, and in whatever cases accessory tissues. Fruits atomic number 18 the means by which these plants disseminate disgorges. Many of them that bear edible fruits, in particular, have propagated with the movements of world and animals in a symbiotic relationship as a means for seed dispersal and nut caserition, respectively in fact, humans and many animals have become dependent on fruits as a source of food. 1 Fruits account for a substantial fraction of the worlds agricultural output, and some ( much(prenominal)(prenominal) as the apple and the pomegranate) have acquired extensive cultural and symbolic meanings.The role of a fungus that produces spores is also called a fruiting body. 2 In common lyric usage, fruit normally means the fleshy seed- associated structures of a plant that argon cloying and edible in the raw state, such as apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, and bananas. 3 On the other hand, the botanical sense of fruit includes many structures that are non commonly called fruits, such as bean pods, corn kernels, wheat grains, and tomatoes. 4 veg From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vegetables in a supermarket in the United States. A vegetable is an edible plant or part of a plant, exactly ordinarily excludes seeds and most sweet fruit.This typically means the leaf, stem, or ascendent of a plant. The non-biological definition of a vegetable is largely based on culinary and cultural tradition. Therefore, the application of the word is somewhat arbitrary, based on cultural and/or personal views. For example, some people administer mushrooms to be vegetables even though they are not biologically plants,12 while others consider them a separate food ategory3 several(prenominal) cultures group potatoes with cereal products such as noodles or rice4, while most English speakers would consider them vegetables. Some vegetables tooshie be consumed raw, some may be eaten cooked, and some must be cooked in order to be edible. Vegetables are most oft cooked in savory or salty dishes. However, a few vegetables can be used in desserts and other sweet dishes, such as pumpkin pie and carrot cake. A number of processed food items acquirable on the market contain vegetable ingredients and can be referred to as vegetable derived products.These products may or may not maintain the nutritionary integrity of the vegetable used to produce them. Differences Botanic fruit and culinary fruit In the culinary sense of these words, a fruit is usually any sweet-tasting plant product, especially those associated with seeds a vegetable is any mouth-watering or less sweet plant product and a nut is any hard, oily, and shelled plant product. 5 These culinary vegetables that are botanically fruit include cucur bits (e. g. , squash, pumpkin, and cucumber), tomatoes, peas, beans, corn, eggplant, and sweet pepper.In addition, some spices, such as allspice and chilies, are fruits, botanically speaking. 6 In contrast, rhubarb plant is often referred to as a fruit, because it is used to make sweet desserts such as pies, though only the petiole of the rhubarb plant is edible. 7 comestible gymnosperm seeds are often given fruit names, e. g. , pine nuts, ginkgo nuts. Botanically, a cereal grain, such as corn, wheat or rice, is also a kind of fruit, termed a caryopsis. However, the fruit wall is very thin, and is fused to the seed coat, so almost all of the edible grain is actually a seed. 8 Many common terms for seeds and fruit do not exemplify to the botanical classifications. In botany, seeds are ripened ovules fruits are the ripened ovaries or carpels that contain the seeds and a nut is a type of fruit and not a seed. 6 Fruits in the botanical sense, but used as vegetables tomatoes, cucumbers , squash, zucchinis, pumpkins, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, chayote, okra, breadfruit, avocado, park beans, and snow peas SPOILER A crop like Sugarcane though happens to be none of the above but rather a grass at a lower place botanical classification.

Benjamin D. Powell

Benjamin D. Powell makes an argument in his paper Exploring Mirror Neurons Rethinking cognitive process and communicatory Processes that will make every self-avowed video game dork ecstatic. The plan that by observing an action repeatedly our mirror neurons learn to practice the action will appeal to thousands or even millions who spend their days in front of a television or video secrecy rather than out experiencing life.Powell adds the caveat that without practicing the action, the body will not be equal to(p) to perform it with the skill of a trained athlete, b arely argues that the figurehead of mirror neurons explains why he was not more injured when piss by a car. The paper claims that the presence of mirror neurons may channelize that more study is needed regarding how our bodies develop skills and what effect activities like playacting video games have on our neurological development. At worst, Powells speculation is an interesting pipe dream. At best, it is hope for the plurality who spend to a fault much time playing World of Warcraft.Unfortunately, the reality is it seems to be something of a pipe dream. It is much more likely that he scarce got gilt when the car hit him and instinctively get togethered and rolled. And, the car, which he described as barreling toward him, probably was not moving with the speed he believed it to be. Writing for the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Kathleen Wilkes seems to echo parts of Powells basic thesis. (Wilkes 111). She argues that the happening exists that people are capable of learning simply through observation, but there is no hard science to defend either her logical argument or Powells.The reality is that this is some odd combination of philosophy and science, with people speculating on something that science has yet to be able to measure or audition. In the end, while the philosophy of a mind-body link so mysterious that the mind can control the bodys actions after only when observing an action seems plausible there is no science to sticker it up. Powells evidence is merely a corollary, coincidental and not chair proof of a tie.To actually prove Powells theory would be difficult and complicated. One would have to prove that there was simply no other way, short of mirror neurons that the test subject could have wise(p) to complete a specific action. And, the researcher would have to be able to determine how much of the action and the response to it is based on able knowledge versus muscle knowledge.In short, the researcher would have to prove that simply watching someone swing a bat repeatedly would consider to the ability to do it and that the ability is more than the intellectual knowledge of where to habitation ones hands on the bat. He would have to prove that Powells escape from injury was more related to his ability to tuck and roll than his knowledge that tuck and roll was the right way to decrease the force of impact of an oncoming ca r.Ultimately, Powells problem becomes in find what actions are effective because of the mental processes telling us how to do them and which ones are effective because of the muscle knowledge of when to flex or release. Even make the differentiation there could take years.WORKS CITEDPowell, Benjamin D. Exploring Mirror Neurons Rethinking Performance and Communicative Processes.Wilkes, Kathleen V. Brain States The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 31, No.2. June, 1980. pp. 111-129.

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Magical Urbanism

1. sorcerous Urbanism is the term that Mike Davis maps to describe the situation of the Latinos in urban the States. They start moved into the United States and immediately formed subgroups of their own within conventional cities, and yet unlike other minority ethnic groups their numbers are growing in size and they are developing the ability to earnestly affect politics of not only their current country of domicil but Mexico by way of California and New York. Magical urbanism is the big businessman of these minority groups to grow and be answer capable of such social bewitch while being comprised of pauperization stricken citizens who as individuals have smallish influence over local or state affairs.2.Immigrants tend to be poor because of the social factors that are inflicted on them at the time of arriver in their new country of residence. Like in the case of Latinos in America, immigrants fundament find themselves with bulge out an established social support structure base on family and friends. Networks like these are important to everyone, regardless of citizenship status. You occupy a network of employer references, rental accommodation references, credit references, and failing all of those, next relatives and friends who can support you until you have achieved all of these things anew in a different nation.3.Lack of Opportunity We are raised to believe that opportunity is everyplace around us that all we need to do is reach out and grab it with both hands. When it comes to immigrants, however, it isnt so simple. These race can come to the United States with very few resources from which to both identify and make use of the opportunities for success that are clear to those of us who have grown up here and understand the social system. This factor can be place as part of the culture of poverty, as it is inherent in virtually all immigrant groups everywhere.Hard Work Hard work its what you expect to do to climb the ladder of social success in any city. Money and quality of life does not come of idleness, and for people of minority status this is no secret. The national spirit suggests that all you need to do is work hard, and you will be able to achieve your dreams this is not exactly the case with the poor people of color in America, who may have several family members working long, hard hours and only bringing in minimum wages. This is another factor in the culture of poverty.Institutional disagreement Established social systems can tend to work against immigrant groups. In America there is a lot of employer legislation that requires university enlightened workers, American educated workers or a native grasp of English before anyone can be hired on. Jobs that do not require these things will be the minimum wage occupations with very little room for growth or improvement. Unless immigrants have the primary resources necessary to start a business or become educated after relocating, they will find themselves caugh t in the poverty trap. This is purely a structural explanation of immigrant poverty, as Mike Davis explains it. elongationDavis, M (2001). Magical Urbanism Latinos reinvent the US city. United States Verso Press.

Coffee and Starbucks Essay

Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin and Ziv Siegl founded Starbucks in 1971. Their goal was to manage the finest smell whole beans and plant choco previous(a) tree bean trees (Starbucks measureline and history, 2004). In 1982, Starbucks had siren to five retentivitys and amaze d involve serving umber berry to restaurants and espresso bars. Harold Schultz was employed as the director of retail job trading operations and commercialiseing. Harold Schultz convinced the founders of Starbucks to candid a barter district Seattle umber bar, which opened in 1984. With the victor of Seattle coffee bar, Schultz left Starbucks to go bad his birth play along striked Il Giornale.In 1987, Il Giornale acquired Starbucks retail operations for 4 million dollars. In addition, Il Giornale changed its name to Starbucks Corporation and open billets in Chicago and Vancouver, B. C. (Starbucks timeline and history, 2004). Starbucks expectd its expansion through divulge the late 1980 and b eyond. In 1991, Starbucks became the startle privately owned U. S. Corporation to cater stock options to grade time employees (Starbucks timeline and history, 2004). In the early 1990s Starbucks started desexting up coffee shops in Nordstrom? s department bloods, Barnes & Noble bookstores and ITT/Sheraton hotels.In 1995, the corporation began sell compact discs and formed an wholeiance with the Canadian bookstore, Chapters Inc. In 2000, Schultz promoted Orin Smith to the po devolve onion of CEO. Schultz remained chairman for the corporation. This allowed Schultz to focus on Starbucks? globular system. Starbucks operates and licenses more than(prenominal) the 7,500 coffee shops in more than 30 countries. chocolate Industry In the unify States, coffee is the second tremendousst import (Roosevelt, 2004). Furthermore, the United States, consumes one and only(a)-fifth of all the beings? coffee (Global Exchange, 2004).The reconcile industry is expanding. It is estimate d that North America?s sector exit pip saturation levels within 5 category (Datamonitor. n. d. ). According to National Coffee Association (NCA), 8 out of 10 Americans consume coffee. In addition, it is estimated that half of the American population drinks coffee daily. The global intellectual nourishmentstuff remains steeply competitive. It is estimated that 3,300 cups of coffee be consumed e really second of the day worldwide (Ecomall, n. d. ).The up-to-the-minute trends include dual drinkers, an summation in senior citizens expenditure and a shift in consumption a right smart from home. there has been a untroubled increase in the consumption of dual drinkers (NCA, 2004).Dual drinkers be slew who drink both traditional coffee and gourmet coffee. According to NCA, 54% of America? s coffee drinkers are dual drinkers. Gourmet coffee is experiencing substantial growth with senior citizens. According to NCA, senior citizens coffee consumption leaped from 9% to 13%. A nonher trend is coffee consumption is piteous outside the home. Coffee consumption a behavior from home increased by 6%. Mission Statement The flow rate mission give tongue toment is ? ground Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our hard principles while we grow.This mission statement fits wholesome with the habitual direction and the attached strategies of Starbucks Corporation. Principles The avocation principles compliment both Starbucks mission statement and their strategies. Our recommendation is to stay the current mission statement and principles. ?aProvide a great work milieu and treat severally other with respect and dignity. ?aEmbrace diversity as an infixed component in the way we do work. ?aApply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, roasting and all oerbold delivery of our coffee. ?aDevelop enthusiastically satisfied clients all of the time.?aContribute confident(p)ly to our communities and our environment ? aRecognize that lucrativeness is essential to our proximo success. SWOT Analysis Strengthimpuissance ?a pecuniary Resources ?aGlobal Presence ?aBeverold age Innovator ?aReliance on US Domestic Markets ?aReliance on Beverage Innovation ?aInternational Expansion Problems OpportunitiesThreats ?aInternational trading operations ?aContinued Growth of Gourmet Coffee Market ?aExpanding ? V Unit thump ?aSupply Risk/ Dependence on Trading Companies and Exporters ? aUS Market Reaching vividness Levels ?aCompetition Internal Strength.A few of Starbucks strengths included strong financial position, name recognition and being creative beverage innovators. Starbucks has reported revenue from January to July 2004 as 409 million dollars, which take a shits the lodge a strong financial position. Starbucks has a strong global presence from its legion(predicate) stores and licensees units, which has made Starbucks a ho drillhold name. Starbucks is cognize for their cre ative aims of beverages. Starbucks is not afraid to experiment and test invigorated drinks in their stores. Some of the beverages introduced are Fappuccino Blended Beverages or Iced Shaken refreshments.Internal Weakness Some of the weakness the corporation faces includes international expansion problems and dependence of the United States marts and beverage innovations. The corporation was forced to close a number of stores. These stores failed to cajole potential nodes and Starbucks was forced to end a joint venture collect to the lack of success. Starbucks has a dependency on beverage innovation and US markets. It is estimated that 85% of the corporation revenues come from the United States (Datamonitor, n. d. ). Starbucks contributes its growth based on beverage innovations (Datamonitor, n. d. ).External Opportunities integrity opportunity deals with clustering its t submit units. Starbucks uses clustering to ensure domination in chosen geographical areas. This practice al lows Starbucks to recreate conveniences to customers and at the same time preventing new concern from introduction the market. The last two opportunities are profitability of international operations and the expect growth of the specialty coffee market. The profitability of international operations and the anticipate growth ordain give the social club greater leverage into the world market and impart promote new market expansions. External Threats.One major threat is the lack of crack coffee beans. The expansion of Starbucks operations and limited quantity of superior coffee beans may result in a shortage of show. Other factors, which could affect the coffee beans, are weather, political and economic conditions. Organizations analogous Fair Trade could change or shorten the coffee industry. Another threat to Starbucks is the dependence on trading companies and exporters for their total of superior coffee beans. Although Starbucks has limited the endangerment by stick outing in a higher side average prices for the superior coffee beans, the jeopardy is still there.The last threats are competition and market saturation. The success of the coffee industry pull up stakes captivate more competitors. A competitor with a serious financial backing and resources could argue against Starbucks (Datamonitor, n. d. ). It is estimated that if the current market growth touch ons saturation levels get out be reached in five days (Datamonitor, n. d. ). client gladness guest Satisfaction is defined as the measure or determinusination that a yield or expediency haves a customers expectations, considering requirements of both lumber and service (www. eglin. af. mil/46tw/StrategicPlan/glossary.htm).A customer? s expectations of growth quality, service quality, and price, then a firm will achieve high levels of customer atonement. On the other paw, if the customer? s expectations are not met, the customer will be disappointed and this is likely to lower the expiation level. delinquent to lowered satisfaction, the customer could choose to stop buying from the firm/company. There shake been many studies make that thrust shown that high customer satisfaction increases the likelihood of corporate profitability.It also showed that the be incorporated with keeping an brisk customer are five generation that of getting new ones The Starbucks guest The Starbuck? s Corporation is the leading retail merchant in the coffee industry. The market size of the coffee industry in the United States for 2003 is near 18 billion. The company? s sales father increased 23. 9% in the year 2003. These statistics show how many people in the U. S. are potable Starbucks coffee. Starbucks attracts a cult-like following, serving 25 million drinks a week at nearly 7,000 locations worldwide. At one time or another, honest intimately everyone has been a customer at a Starbucks retailer. base on look done on the net income, we have identifie d who the representative Starbucks? customer is. A veritable(prenominal) Starbucks customer is a male or a female, age ranging from 18 to 55. In intimately cases, the Starbucks? customer is a college student, businessperson or someone in their mid to late fifties. A Starbucks customer tends to be very loyal to the company and will not accept substitutes. The impost level of a typical customer is at least trinity times a week, for some it is every day. The benefits sought by customers clasp from enjoyment, relaxation, energy, and reward.Those who are not in a hurry like to sit down for a cup of coffee, inclinationen to the relaxing songs played at the shops, enjoy a conversation with a friend, or just way to be alone and study. Another essential characteristic of a typical customer is that most of the customers are financially stable enough to be able to afford to spend at least $2. 50 for a small cup of coffee. A typical Starbucks? customer spends and average of $40 to $6 5 a month for coffee drinks. However, there are many customers who spend well over $65 a month.Improving Customer Satisfaction According to Schultz, ?our success is based on their proceed swan in our people and our environment over long periods of time. Redefining the industry youre playing in doesnt just mean hiring an agency to rally up a fancy new slogan. To make it work, you have to offer high-quality new products and services that customers actually want, and that will reinforce the value offered by your inwardness brand and expand the emotional connection your customers belief with it ( www. dissipatedcompany. com from provide 84 July 2004, Page 50 byAlison Overholt).To continue the success that Starbucks had over the years, there must be ways to measure the customer?s perceptions of the company. The customers are what make Starbucks what it is today, and to keep them we extremity to know what they expect from us. Based on research done on starbucks. com, it is eviden t that Starbucks values their customers. On the main page of the website there is a link to Customer suffice here the customer can ask questions or leave comments.This barb could be much more beneficial to the company if questions and/or comments could be asked by the customer. In the area of questions/comments-there is a drop down list of freqeuntly asked questions/comments, from this list the customer must pick.There could be many times when a customer has a question/comment, but it is not included on this list. The idea of having this link makes the customers feel that their opinions are valued, but there are a few areas that could be improved on that would be much more beneficial to the company. It is important that Starbucks asks for the opinions of their customers, but why just offer this online? plane though we have become such a computer savy world, there are still many people out there that are not computer literate. Many do not have access to computers, or some just do not know how to use them.This does not mean that these people don? t drink Starbucks coffee. To increase overall customer satisfaction, we should also incorporate a general product/service survey or some instance of comment card in the retail stores. piles may seem deadening at times, but to jock us find out breeding that could tending our company in the long run, it is worth it. Surveys will give us an idea of how we can improve our product and service to live up to the customer. Typical customer surveys are designed to measure ?aOverall satisfaction ?aProduct-level satisfaction ?aImportance vs. satisfaction ?Timeliness of delivery ?aCustomer service process satisfaction ?aReturns and sub process satisfaction ?aInterest in new potential products and services include is sample survey that could be used to get a general idea of how our customers feel about our products and services. The main goal to achieve customer satisfaction needs to be to find ways to deliver a great c ustomer experience around your product or service. Customer expectations may be set, the idea is to exceed those expectations that they might already have.The recipe for a great cup of coffee includes four fundamentals, proportion, grind, water and freshness. utilise the right proportion of coffee to water is the most important dance step in making great coffee. The shorter the brewing process, the finer the grind. The amount of time the coffee and water spend together affects the flavor elements that end up in your cup of coffee. Using fresh, cold water heated just off the boil is perfect for extracting the coffee? s full cheat of flavors. Use fresh ground coffee by grinding beans each time you brew the freshness is preserved.Starbucks quality is dependent on trading companies and exporters for its supply of atomic number 19 coffee. The company is tone to secure long term supply contracts, and in some cases has had to pay inflated prices in distinguish to obtain such contrac ts. Starbucks responded to world coffee prices reaching 30-year lows during fiscal 2001 by offering suppliers more money to guarantee supply, and as such the risk of non-delivery on such purchase cargos is low. However, the nature of the business dictates that the company? s dependency on suppliers does put it at risk.Starbucks quality is at risk to the volatility of the supply and price of coffee. The company? s search for the superior standard coffee mean in can be adversely impact by multiple factors in the producing countries, including weather, political, and economic conditions. In addition, green coffee prices have been affected in the past, and may be affected in the future, by the actions of organizations and associations that have in the past attempted to square off prices of green coffee through agreements establishing export quotas or restricting global coffee supplies.The actions of these associations could cause a degree of monetary valuely disruption to Starbuck? s operations. Purchasing Guidelines Starbucks has also introduced coffee purchasing guidelines. The goal of these guidelines is to support Starbucks commitment to purchase coffee that has been grown and processed by suppliers who meet environmental, social, economic, and quality standards. Global coffee production can only be sustainable if it is economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally sensitive at all levels of the supply chain.Over the past few years Starbucks has been working on the sourcing guidelines and they feel that is an important step that will help increase the production of high quality coffee and improve the health of the specialty coffee industry. With these guidelines, Starbucks is winning a leadership role in addressing the environmental and social issues meet the global coffee industry. This initiative is part of a long-term fusion between Starbucks and Conservation International to promote methods of coffee production that help to conserve global biodiversity.To launch these guidelines, Starbucks will enlist the support of coffee suppliers who are sustainable advocates. Starbucks has instituted a flexible point system that rewards mathematical operation in sustainable categories. Points will be accrued based on a supplier? s ability to meet sustainability guidelines, and suppliers who earn more points in the program will receive higher purchasing pick when Starbucks purchases green coffee. Starbucks has a long-standing practice of paying premium prices for coffee, and has always give an average of at least $1. 20 per pound.As part of this practice, Starbucks will provide additive premiums of up to ten cents per pound to vendors based upon how well their coffee samples meet the standards. These financial incentives will help defray the costs incurred by participating suppliers. Suppliers wishing to participate will be inevitable to provide independent, third party verification of their performance against the guid elines. Starbuck? s hopes that the success of this program demonstrates to the rest of the coffee industry that they can benefit by producing coffee in a way that protects global biodiversity and improves the livelihoods of coffee farmers.The triad Keys to Quality Coffee The triplet keys to quality coffee are 1)Quality cat valium Arabica Coffee The best coffee beans produce the best cup of coffee. 2)Fresh cook Great tasting coffee relies on how soon the coffee is brewed, and consumed afterwards roasting. For coffee to be fresh, and best, it must be consumed within five eld after roasting, three hours of grinding, and fifteen minutes of brewing. The first sign that coffee is stale is a bitter taste. 3)Proper Brewing ? V Temperature and time, brewing is the pedigree of coffee flavor oils from the roasted grounds using water.The best temperature for optimum extraction is water just off the boil (195 degrees to 205 degree Fahrenheit). This temperature will extract the full rang e of flavors from fresh roasted beans. Time is a function of brewing method and grind size. There are many ways to brew right coffee. Steeping and espresso are the two best methods. Financial Analysis Total net sales for Starbucks Corporation were analyzed for 2001, 2002, and 2003. The company had a total net sales increase of $639. 9M between the years 2001 and 2002. Another net increase of $786. 6M in sales occurred between 2002 and 2003.This is a positive sign because in a growing company, of course, we would expect a consistent increase in sales. A result of the increase in sales in part is due to a recent innovation of drive-throughs being added for the convenience of its many customers. Net income increased substantially to 215. 1M in 2002. This was due to the boom in sales and near control of its cost of goods sold. Net income increased to $53. 2M in 2003. The coffee giant acquired Seattle Coffee caller-up from AFC Enterprises for $72. 0M in 2003, as well. Income from oper ations took a boost up from $281.0M in 2001 to $318. 7M in 2002, a difference of $37. 6M. Income from operations saw a extensive upturn of $424. 7M in 2003. In a growing company we would expect income from operations to grow from year to year. Cost of sales continued to increase $237. 2M between the years 2001 and 2002 and it peaked again $335. 9M between 2002 and 2003. This is normal when sales are increasing significantly. Management Strategies From cappuccinos to lattes to just regular coffee, the quality of Starbucks fine coffee beverages is worth the cost in dollars. An article from the Internet give tongue to ?At $43 in mid-June, a share of Starbucks (SBUX) cost 47 times what Wall Street analysts expect the coffee-shop chain to earn per share this year. The typical stock in the S&P 500 index trades at just 19 times earnings (Rosato, D. , 2004, p. 124). The article continued to state that management is projecting Starbucks earnings to grow to 20% every year for the next three to five years. With an amazing growth rate like that its no wonder that their growth far exceeds the typical S&P stocks growth rate by as much as three times. Starbucks has a very strong balance sheet. It has little long-term debt and $380. 0M in cash.It continues to expand its long-term assets and finances them from its own cash flow. If a company is in a state of expansion, we would expect long-term assets to increase. The total current assets for the year ending family line 29, 2002 for Starbucks Corporation were $847. 5M. For the year ending September 28, 2003 total current assets grew $76. 5M. This gives us a good indication that the company is expanding. Inventory increased from $263. 1M in 2002 to $342. 9 in 2003. In a growing company, we would expect inventory to increase. An article in the Internet stated that in November 2001, Starbucks offered their own Starbucks card.It was a convenient way for coffee drinkers to pay quickly and easily for their morning cup of coffee ( Kuykendall, 2004, p. 7). Starbucks sold virtually $18. 0M of these gift cards. This strategy is a great way to increase ledger and unlike other cards Starbucks said, ? It had never charged the fee famed on its cards $2 a month after on year ? V to anyone (Kuykendall, 2004 p. 7). Another vision to increase its financial strategy was the introduction of the Duetto combo prepaid/credit card in late 2003. An article on the Internet stated how the Chicago based deposit One Corp.called Duetto worked with Starbucks to generate a program where cardholders would receive rewards based on their spending habits. Starbucks conducted a survey to determine the gift that was most taking to customers and Colette Courtion, director of Starbucks Global control panel Services stated, ? Duetto cardholders receive a one-time $10 ? preload and 1% in so-called Duetto dollars that are automatically loaded on the stored-value side each month for every Visa purchase made. Starbucks also donates $5 to t he Starbucks Foundation, after every customer? s first Starbucks Card Duetto Visa purchase(Martin, Z. , 2004, p. 22). A half-pound of coffee was one of the great harmonic rewards, as well. Bank One and Starbucks were very well pleased with the markets positive response to the Duetto card. We are in agreement with these financial strategies and as a team, we concur that Starbucks Corporation should continue the card services as a strategic process that gives their company a great competitive advantage. A key strength of Starbucks is being a disciplined innovator. Frappuccino blended beverages and iced refreshments were new innovations and helped the growth of Starbucks.Starbucks should continue coming up with new kinds of beverages, as that is its core product. Perhaps a vegetable drink that is geared more toward the better population like a low calorie, low fat, and low cole carrot drink that is actually providing the body with good vitamins and minerals. According to study ret rieved from the Factiva database, Starbucks Price/Earnings ratio in the last twelve months was 56. 9 and its current ratio was 1. 8. Starbucks is on the right track with their strategies and they have done such an excellent job so far that we believe these strategies will continue to cultivate revenues for many upcoming years.Growth Starbucks Corporation has a good strategic growth plan currently to call down their business and gain market share over their competitors. In this section of the report, it will go over Starbucks current ideas about their growth and give polar recommendations in how some other ideas may increase their current and future growth. In the current high completive coffee market Starbucks has a good market share and are opening location across the world. Starbucks have opened their location in markets before any of their competitors has any of their location even around that market.Starbucks has a global brand name over their competitors. Starbucks Corporati on has roughly 7,500 retail locations across the world, with majority are owned and operated in the United States of America. Starbucks currently has locations across 30 contrasting countries to set their business in the market before any competitors due. Even with Starbucks fast-growing(a) move to open many locations across the world they have very little profit with their business. The reasons that Starbuck? s profitability is low because they? re seek to cease the market first.In the fiscal year of 2003, the company has a total of nearly 1,300 licensed retail stores, with 1,000 in Asia-Pacific region, 176 in europium/Middle East/Africa and the remainder in America, excluding North America (Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru and Chile). Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, derives approximately 85% of its revenues and substantially all of its profits from its domestic US market. The US market is the market that gives them the most profit of all markets. Starbucks start ed most of their locations at cold states based that more coffee drinkers live in cold states.With the new innovation of the cold flavored coffee drinks increased their opportunity to open more location in warm clement locations. Even with the rapid growth of coffee businesses in the US Starbucks has a large market share and with any change the Starbucks may due their competitors looks to target. Starbucks looks to enhance their brand image in the US market to increase their product sales from the stores that fly the coop Starbucks coffee drinks, like Seven Eleven that carry only Starbucks coffee only.Starbucks reliance on the beverage innovation is important for the Starbucks future growth. With the increase for coffee store based on the need for coffee because of the new flavors, coffee market is growing but Starbucks looks to bring a new innovation to the market. The only problem at hand would be how long will the need and growth of the market last. In the international markets need less innovation then the US market based that there are less competitors in the market. International markets may need to have certain products for their taste.Most often different countries have different customs and life styles that could change the need for each custom. By the fiscal year of 2004, Starbucks international market will achieve profitability. well-nigh 23% of the company? s stores locations that are profitable are set in North America markets that include UK and Japan. Currently the specialty coffee sector accounts for 15% of the US retail market, and which is already worth $21 billion. By 2005, the retail coffee market will be worth $22 billion, and the specialty coffee will account for 41% of the market. too Starbucks are feeling to invent a coffee ice convulse and ice cream coffee drink. All of the ice cream has many different flavors and if the newly product takes of like it? s planned on doing. The specialty coffee products are now sold even at retail s tore based on the growing need for it. Starbucks is feel to open coffee and ice cream combined stores in start a new market. Starbucks currently sees that more and more coffee business are opening threw out the US by small business owners, so Starbucks is selling more stores to lessen the opening of small businesses.Starbucks feels that if they sell their name that more small business owner would rather have a well-known name to enhance their chances in doing well. Starbucks owners will claim and gain from the innovation and marketing ideas that Starbucks will give. Starbucks will grow high-velocity if they sell of most or all of their location because their will be less need in maintaining their stores and more need in bring new ideas to the market. Now their competitors are franchising their location to. Most of the Starbucks locations in malls or in strip malls across the world.Currently Starbucks are building separate locations and designing a drive threw so their customers can have a more convenient way when needing their service. With these newly developed locations will have a food line. They? re looking to have hot food and cold food to argue with the Tim Horton coffee business. They are also looking to stay open 24 hours, seven days a week. Starbucks is looking to carry donuts, breakfast sandwiches, bagels and other morning food. Starbucks interest to change to compete with Tim Horton? s may hurt their business or help their business based on the cost involved in the change.Starbucks has concerns regarding the US store growth potential. Currently if the growth continues, saturation levels within the North American retail division will be reached inside five years, the reasons why Starbucks has some concern is that about 75% of the companies revenue growth and a greater portion of its profit. Before the US market becomes saturated, the US market sales growth will grow slowly over the next three to five years. With this change of saturation point c oming, the pressure will be on the international Starbucks division will need to grow faster.Currently Starbucks global coffee market is very competitive, and must compete against the likes of restaurants, coffee shops, and street carts. Any major competitors, with a large financial background and the same resources as Starbucks can enter the market at any time and compete directly against the company. Starbucks feels that they have a good market share and are aware of competition on all levels and can maintain its operational performance if its to maintain its status as the world? s leading specialty coffee retailer. Starbucks was one of the first coffee businesses in the market and will try to be one of the last to leave.The recommendation to Starbucks Coffee that if they are going to grow in the market faster than their competitors is not to change their business to be more like Tim Horton? s and have their own identity. Currently Starbucks started the wireless Internet access in their stores and now every competitor is doing it. Also, it will help Starbucks if they would enhance the online service to provide laptops and other computers at their locations. They should have online society of coffee so when business people need to go fast they can order online and pay online to have a faster way in getting there coffee.With the innovation of new products, Starbucks should think in expanding in creating a coffee machine that can be place at schools, hospitals, and other companies that may need coffee and late hours or that don? t need a store. They currently market their own coffee brand coffee to purchase at other store but they should have it accessible online to order. The best thing that Starbucks has going for them is that no(prenominal) of its direct competitors are selling their product at store and online.With the increase in people that drink specialty coffee, Starbucks should innovate more different flavored coffee to increase their potential growth currently and in the future. The international looks to be the best growth for their business and they should invest more into locations and countries. drumhead In order to ensure future success, we feel that Starbucks should implement the following suggestions. To improve customer satisfaction, Starbucks should include a section where customers actually ask questions and/or leave comments both in store and at their website.In addition, Starbucks should incorporate a survey to measure customer satisfaction. To ensure quality, Starbucks should continue its current practices. The practice includes securing long-term contracts, paying premium prices for coffee and additional premiums to suppliers to ensure quality needs are meet. To guarantee financial security, Starbucks should continue its role as a disciplined innovator. Starbucks should continue to promote the use of Starbucks cards and Duetto combo prepaid credit cards. An important part of Starbuck continued growth is emphasizi ng their unique image and to continue to provide the in style(p) technical advancements.Starbucks should start expanding by providing coffee machines at schools, hospitals and other homogeneous organizations. These strategies will continue to promote Starbucks as a leading retailer in a highly competitive coffee industry. Starbucks Customer Survey Dear Customer I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Please help us serve you better by taking a couple of minutes to tell us how we are doing. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations. Attached you will find a coupon good for 1 free coffee.

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Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana From Deborah White, former About. com exceed See More About hempobama policiescivil liberties Photo John Moore/Getty Images Ads The Arcadia Spine content www. TheArcadiaSpineCenter. com Specializing in holistic treatment for neck unhinge, and low back pain inebriant Ab persona Solutions www. AskListenLearn. com Take The Pledge & Say No To Alcohol Well Help You Achieve Your Goals. Is He Cheating On You? Spokeo. com/Cheating-Spo lend oneself-Search 1) Enter His e-mail Address 2) See Hidden Pics & Social Profiles NowMore US Liberal Politics Ads Marijuana Juvenile Crime Statistics Cons Politics heap Ads Find a Lawyer Free www. LegalMatch. com Free, Confidential Lawyer Locator. extradite Time Describe Your Case Now Free teeth discolor www. arcadiamaindental. com Cosmetic & Family Dentist Arcadia Please call or email for dilate (Continued from Page 1) Pros (See page 1 of this article for current developments and milest unitys in U. S. ganja history. ) Primary reasons in support of legalizing marijuana be Social ReasonsProhibition of marijuana is unwarranted g overnment intrusion into individual freedom of prime(prenominal). Marijuana is no to a greater extent evil to a persons health than alcohol or tobacco, which atomic number 18 both legal and widely used, and regulated by the U. S. Food & medicine Administration. Marijuana has proven checkup benefits for crab louse, AIDS, glaucoma and other patients. Crime and violence, both at bottom the U. S. and at the U. S. -Mexico border, are greatly increased due to illegal exchange and buying of marijuana. Legalization would logically end the need for such wrong behavior.Law Enforcement Reasons National statistics show 872,000 arrests last year related to marijuana, 775,000 of them for possession, not barter or manufacturing sparking some critics to suggest that the re reference points of the criminal justice system, including the crowded raise prisons and court s, might be better used elsewhere, per the San Francisco tale in 2009. do drugs busts of youth for marijuana offenses often carry harsh penalties that can causal agent undue social harm with lifelong consequences. Fiscal Reasons Marijuana is one of Americas top-selling agricultural products.One California politician estimates that marijuana sales in his province top $14 billion each year. New tax revenues from legalized marijuana sales could exceed $1 billion just for California. This rich new source of tax revenues nationwide would help lift the U. S. economy out of its finish up recession in decades. mainstream pundits like Fox News Glenn Beck and CNNs Jack Cafferty have existencely questioned the billions spent each year fighting the endless war against drugs, per the San Francisco Chronicle in 2009.If marijuana was legalized and regulated, an estimated $8 billion would be saved annually in government spending on enforcement, including for the FBI and U. S. -Mexico border security. Cons Primary reasons against legalizing marijuana are Social Reasons Some Americans believe that marijuana ingestion is im deterrent example, and that their moral standards should be required of all Americans. Long-term or abusive use of marijuana can be harmful to a persons health and well-being. Second-hand stinkpot from marijuana can be harmful to others. Many allege that symmetrical marijuana use can lead to use of harder, more harmful drugs such as heroin and cocaine.Law Enforcement Reasons Some opponents of legalizing marijuana believe that individuals refer in illegal buying and selling of the drug are more likely than average to be involved in other crimes, and that clubhouse is safer with marijuana offenders incarcerated. Law enforcement agencies dont want to be construed as supporting drug use. There are no signficant fiscal reasons against U. S. legalization of marijuana. Where It Stands On June 23, 2011, a federal bill to fully legalize marijuana was intro duced in the shack by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Rep.Barney Frank (D-MA. ) The bill would remove marijuana from controlled content classification. Commented Congressman Frank to the Christian Science Monitor, Criminally prosecuting adults for making the choice to smoke marijuana is a waste of law enforcement resources and an intrusion on personal freedom. I do not advocate urging pack to smoke marijuana, neither do I urge them to drink intoxicating beverages or smoke tobacco, but in none of these cases do I think prohibition enforced by criminal sanctions is good public policy. In November 2010, Californians will vote via state referendum whether or not Californians over age 21 would be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, and grow their own plants on a plot up to 5 feet by 5 feet large. Additionally, Washington, New Hampshire and Massachusetts state legislatures are slated to vote on marijuana legalization bills in 2010. And more than 20 other states are considering bil ls to otherwise loosen criminalization of marijuana use and possession. Will President Obama Move to Legalize Medical Marijuana?Esquire pickup reported in December 2008, after Obamas election but forrader his inauguration, Turns out, with several drug-war veterans close to the president-elects ear, insiders think reform could come in Obamas sulfur term or sooner. Certainly, Obama may move to decriminalize marijuana for medical reasons. The San Francisco Chronicle reported in February 2009 During one campaign appearance, Obama recalled that his mother had died of cancer and said he saw no difference between doctor-prescribed morphia and marijuana as pain relievers.He told an interviewer in March that it was entirely appropriate for a state to legalize the medical use of marijuana with the same controls as other drugs prescribed by doctors. States Could Be Given Jurisdiction over Marijuana If President Obama does move to support decriminalization of marijuana, look for him to d o so by granting states the jurisdiction to subside this issue, just as states decide marriage laws for their

National Economy over the Next Decade Essay

Beyond 2007, the tempo of economic maturement allow for probably slow somewhat. The main conclude is that the labor force is projected to grow less quickly as members of the baby-boom generation begin to retire and as the scheduled expiration of dissimilar tax provisions in 2011 discourages work by raising fringy tax targets. Real GDP is projected to grow at an mean(a) yearly rate of 3. 1 pct between 2008 and 2011 and at 2. 6 per centum between 2012 and 2016. The rate of inflation is assumed to average 2.2 percent after 2007 and the unemployment rate, 5. 2 percent. Interest rates on three-month and 10-year treasury securities are projected to average 4. 4 percent and 5. 2 percent, respectively (Marron 6). Over the longer term, the aging of the U. S. population combined with rapidly emergent health guardianship costs will put significant strains on the federal budget, which begin to be evident within the projection period. When the scratch line members of the baby-boom g eneration reach age 62 in 2008, they will fabricate eligible for Social Security benefits.As a result, the annual rate of gain of Social Security expending is expected to increase from rough 4. 8 percent in 2008 to 6. 5 percent in 2016. In addition, because the cost of health care is likely to continue rising rapidly, the annual rate of growth of Medicare expense is projected to increase from 7. 4 percent in 2008 to about 8. 9 percent in 2016. (Medicare spending is expect to rise by 17 percent this year and 14 percent in 2007 as the new prescription drug program gets below way.) Rapid growth is also projected for Medicaid spendingan average of 8. 3 percent annually from 2008 to 2016. According to Congressional Budget Office, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in concert will account for 56 percent of all federal spending by the end of the projection period (up from 43 percent in 2006). Measured as a share of the economy, spending for the three programs will equal 10. 8 per cent of GDP in 2016, up from 8. 7 percent this year.In addition, no evidence suggests that the growth of health care costs, which have risen faster than GDP over the past intravenous feeding decades, is likely to slow significantly in the future. As a result, spending for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will exert pressures on the budget that economic growth alone is unlikely to alleviate. A substantial reduction in the growth of spending and perhaps a sizable increase in taxes as a share of the economy will be necessary for fiscal stability to be at all likely in the overture decades.ReferencesBaker, Gerard. U. S. economy may be headed for a big crash. The Times of London. luxurious 23, 2006. 23 Aug 2006. Barrell, Ray et al. World Economy Forecast. National Institute stinting Review. 28th July, 2006. No. 197. Baumohl, Bernard. Mid-Year U. S. Economic Forecasts For 2006 and 2007. Wharton School Publishing. June 15, 2006. 23 Aug 2006.

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Developing a Coordinated School Health Approach to Child Obesity Prevention Essay

excogitationObesity is now become an epidemic among condition going adolescent adolescence in authentic countries. The prevalence rate of childishness fleshiness is comfortably high in build uped countries. Similarly, prevalence rate of obesity is potpourri magnitude in developing countries too (James 2004). It is estimated that there argon 250 million large pear-shaped deal live world vast (Seidell 1999). Obesity is associated with m either chronic sicknesss like hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes type 2 and even cause targetcer. So, development prevalence of obesity cerebrates increase global burden of chronic diseases which indirectly affects the status of global economy. Obesity caused virtually 9% of summate annual medical expenditure in the US in 1998 (Finkelstein, Fiebelkorn and Wang 2003). check to Ogden et al. (2006), 19% of children aged 6 to 11 years ar obese and 18% are overw 8 in the US. Given the grand multitude of devastating wellness, social and economic consequences of obesity, the continuing escalating rates of childhood obesity, non least among rural dwellers in the USA, is a great public wellness concern. Consequently, lot of attention has been paid to the need for impressive cakes computer designs. Of such programs is fetching with Wellness platform in Appalachia- a rural area in the US. Based on the evaluation report of the architectural plan by Schetzina et al (2009), this paper reviews activities, nestle, framework and theories of the programme. Winning with Wellness ProgrammeThe shoal-establish wellness programme Winning with Wellness was introduced as a archetype project in an elementary discipline in rural Appalachia as a vogue to push wellnessy eating and sensible body process for elementary instill children (Schetzina et al. 2009). The programme was based upon the coordinated trail wellness (CSH) accession that was developed in 1988 (TN Gov 2010). The aim of the pilot progra mme was to prevent obesity which is a major problem, particularly in rural areas in the US (Schetzina et al. 2009). The programme was supported financially by community collation and it was implemented together with the groom based programme in Tennessee (TN Gov 2010). at that place are eight variant components to improve the modus vivendi of students and their families wellness bringing up wellness go counselling, psychological and social services nutrition physical education develop supply wellness sizable instruct environment, and student, parents and community involvement (CDC 2008). The school authority established indoor and outdoor take the airing trails to enhance physical action among students. Teachers trustworthy a training to guide the students properly in such physical activity. A proper nutrition service to promote wellnessy eating among students was installed such that a registered dietician was assigned to develop Go, Slow and Whoa programme which cate gorized the foods according to their nutritionary value and conscious the school food service coordinator to supply light diets. Teachers were responsible to set up schooling about the Go, slow and Whoa to students to improve their intimacy about nutritional value of the food and this kind of lesson enable a student to divulge wellnessy and un healthy diet. aim administration also encouraged parents to answer their children to choose the healthy diet during lunch in school or at shell. Besides students, this health furtherance intervention also advocated teachers and staffs to cut a healthy life by increasing physical solve and taking healthy diet. A counselling and psychological service was lendable to develop personalized skill among the students about physical apply and participating lifestyle. This health forwarding intervention maintained all kind of good issues such as consent were fall uponn from both students and parents to participate into this pilot proj ect (Schetzina et al. 2009). Third and fourth graders participated in the programme, in total 114 children. formAs stated before in the evaluation report by Schetzina et al. (2009) Winning with Wellness Programme was based on the Co-ordinated School wellness (CSH) model. The latter was based on the traditional three-component model, where a school health program is defined in name of health instruction, health services, and a healthful environment. This model was expanded and eight essential components were suggested nutrition services, health education, physical, education, school health services, counselling and psychological services, healthy school environment, health promotional material for school staff and participation of community. Diane Allensworth and Lloyd Kolbe first proposeda health promotion model for school health in a sea captain literature in 1987 which is now known as Coordinated School wellness (CSH) model (CDC 2008). This model placed emphasis on creating auxiliary environments for students by diametric measures and the new version has been used and adopted in many a(prenominal) health ginmill programmes (Schetzina et al. 2009). The CSH model is not based upon the Tannahill sample of health Promotion where health promotion is defined in terms of health education, health justification, and ill-health prevention. Similarly, CSH model is not based upon the Tones Model of health Promotion which considers empowerment as the main theme of health promotion practice. According to the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (WHO 1986), health promotion strategies should be adapted to the local needs, although there are similarities with the CSH, this speak to was not based upon the Ottawa Charter. The CSH offered a way to diverge the school and ideas were explored and ersatz solutions and costes could be examined in the classroom. Teachers understood and examined the realities of children circumstances and choices and the understandi ng provided a change to conduce and implement better choices for the children.ApproachAccording to Schetzina et al. (2009), community-based participatory look into (CPBR) feeler was used in Winning with Wellness health promotion programme. CBPR is a collaborative approach and this approach is now seen as an selection to the traditional research approach (Tandon et al. 2007). In this programme, a collaboration of teachers, health care providers, parents, community members and researchers was established to make the following obesity prevention programme effective and evaluate outcome of the programme precisely (Schetzina et al. 2009). just about researchers suggest that in rural areas, parents and community involvement in an Copernican element in an obesity intervention (Hawley, Beckman and Bishop 2006) because of scarcity of resources for health promotion in rural elementary schools (Nelson et al. 2006). To compensate the presentlyness of healthcare facilities, it is ostensi bly a good decision to choose CPBR which ensures multiple level of tempt from individual conducts to family settings, local community and health care services to belittle rate of threatening and obesity among children (Filbert et al. 2009).The approach of this school health promotion encourages children into taking action, and it brings materials and randomness into the classroom (Collins et al. 2002). The idea of involving parents, families, and school is described as a way of increasing the commitment and ensuring positive educational and health outcomes (TN Gov 2010). Approaches that use several different strategies and include several different people are to a greater extent masteryful than an approach that relies on health information and instruction (Collins et al. 2002). The approach created a new cultural norm where healthy and physical activity was promoted and encouraged. The approach also included many different people and resources. The approach opened up ways for new ideas about how to make health promotion a part of changes in school and improvements in the school environment (Veugelers and Fitzgerald 2005). Furthermore, it lowered the risk for chronic disease in adulthood, and helped to promote healthy behaviour that might lead to life-long habits. This health approach can also reduce absenteeism, reduce classroom behaviour problems, improve performance, and prepare students to be productive members of the community (TN Gov 2008). In addition, the approach supports teacher and staff to improve their health and act as berth models for the children. However, such kind of programme requires extensive planning and funding and cannot be considered as a short-term approach (TN Gov 2010). Moreover, the success of a school-based programme relies on the cooperation and positive attitude of several groups of professional, as well as parental involvement in the Winning with Wellness. Programme was more expensive when compared to health promotion pr ogrammes that solely focus on health information and instruction (Schetzina et al. 2009). However, changes are not easy to achieve and there is no simple formula. The approach might need to be adapted and changed to suit the needs of specific communities (Summerbell et al. 2005). Though this approach has many avails, it takes durable to implement in new schools, and preparations are needed in guild for the approach to be productive in new areas. TheoryA theoretical framework helps an individual to focus and clarify determinations and desires with a certain(prenominal) health promotion approach (Naidoo and Wills 2000). Furthermore, a theoretical framework offers a cosmos upon which to explain the approach and the benefits that can be expected from a certainapproach. Theory of Planned Behaviour (TBP) was used in this programme (Schetzina et al. 2009). This possibility is often used to predict positive health behaviours, and it is based on cognitive processing and level of behav iour change. The TBP is used for assessing factors influencing behavioral motivation and action that whitethorn be used to exploring and predicting intention think to diet (Conner et al. 2003). Analysis of factors related to beliefs underlying diet and health choices can be examined, and the model can be used for explaining human behaviour (Ajzen and Fishbein 2005). Three different predictors of health behaviour are used attitude, infixed norm, and perceived behavioural control (Nejad, Wertheim and Greenwood 2005). Health behaviours are influenced by the individuals personal emotion and affect-laden nature however, a wornness of the TBP theory is that it does not take emotions into account (Dutta-Bergman 2005). Nevertheless, the TBP can be used to understand peoples volitional behaviour, and it can explain the relationship amongst behavioural intention and actual behaviour. Furthermore, it has improved the predictability of exercises and diet (Baranowski et al. 2003). The theor y also takes into account the individuals social behaviour by considering social norm. search suggests that this theory is good at explaining intention, and perceived behavioural control (Godin and Kok 1996).Critical summary of the programmeTraditionally, school-health approaches slang focused on association rather than attitudes and skills (Naidoo and Wills 2000). The co-ordinated school health approach challenges the view that pupils will change their behaviour when they occupy information and knowledge. The CSH whole shebang on several different levels in coordinate to promote physical activity and healthy eating (TN Gov 2010). The CSH approach is an ongoing process and the success relies on successful communication between the different groups, professionals, and individuals involved in the programme. A common goal and vision is main(prenominal) and the responsibilities and accountability are shared between the participating groups (Fetro 2005). Even though the groups ma y support each other, they also function independently.The question is whether a school-based health programmes go beyond the intended function of schools (Miller 2003 p.7). It could be argued that knowledge about health lays the foundation for successful schooling (Miller 2003). However, introducing more programmes into the computer program is always difficult and schools often nourish problems to link and include health services and the community in their programmes (Miller 2003). The co-ordinator has the ultimate responsibility for implementing the CSH approach, and it is not recommended that this locate is held by the school nurse, unless there is a small school clay (TN Gov 2010). A school nurse provides an important link between school, home and the community, and he/she also provides counselling to the pupils. However, the co-ordinator has a wide range of responsibilities interest facilitator partnership-builder data collector report writer public awareness developer adv ocate, information sharer, and overall school system organiser (TN Gov 2010). The co-ordinator develops healthy school teams, and facilitates a system-wide school advisory council. Thus, the responsibility for the successful implementation lies mostly on the co-ordinator. The school nurse is responsible for assessment, planning, and direct care of the children. In addition, the co-ordination between the school and community health care professionals ensures early intervention.The idea is that the health education is implemented into the daily school life, and the education is provided by health educators, teacher, school counsellors, school nurse, dieticians, and community health professionals. During the school years the foundation for lifelong habits are laid, and it is crucial to help children develop healthy habits (Lynagh, Schofield and Sanson-Fisher 1997). An advantage with using school based health approaches is that existing structures and systems are already in place (Mille r 2003). Schools have a bun in the oven a curriculum into which a health programme can be implemented. Furthermore, using existing structures are greet effective and schools have also been screened for acceptability. Moreover, a school based approach reaches the staff and the people working at school. Teachers and staff may change their own behaviour and become more aware of their eating and exercise habit. School based approaches reach all children in society and the approach can be targeted at specific minority populations.The nutrient programme is developed in the school consequently, changes can be implemented when the children, teacher and their families are ready and motivated for the change. Policies regarding vending machines, the food and drink children bring to school, can be discussed and evaluated together with the co-ordinator, nurse, and school board (NICE 2006). Advice and care should be non-discriminatory and culturally appropriate, and the character of the CSH app roach allows for schools and communities to implement approaches that are adapted to students with disabilities and from heathen minorities (Naidoo and Wills 2000). Physical education and fitness activities are planned according to the home(a) curriculum (TN Gov 2010). A recent report suggests that more time washed-out on physical activity does not impair academic science (Murray et al. 2007). The CSH approach is flexible in the sense that more physical activity can be added without changing the curriculum, for example, lunch or morning activities (TN Gov 2010). The fictitious character of parents and community is to be involved, and school administrator teachers and school health staff actively try to involve the family in the health promotion (TN Gov 2010). The CSH approaches were developed to be a long-term approach where funding was guaranteed (Warwick, Mooney and Oliver 2009). In just about cases it may be difficult to receive funding especially since the success of the p rogramme is difficult to evaluate, partly because there are a wide range of programmes and ways to implement the CSH approach (Warwick, Mooney and Oliver 2009). Teachers could be considered as weak link in the programme however, research suggests that teachers often support programmes (TN Gov 2010). there might be conflicting interest, and teachers who play a vital occasion in a school-based health promotion programme, may focus on knowledge that can be gained from including health in the curriculum. In contrast, the school nurse may emphasise reducing health risks associated with overweight and obesity (St Leger et al. 2007). Thus, the approach relies on the co-ordinator, head teachers, and the school to identify and couple on the most useful and fruitful outcomes for their programme (Warwick, Mooney and Oliver 2009). There are likely to be variations in programme implementation every co-ordinator works together with the school and different solutions to reach the goal may be us ed (Warwick, Mooney and Oliver 2009).Although, a flexible approach has its advantages it can alsomean that some schools may integrate concern for health widely across the curriculum, whereas other may choose to focus on specific health issues. As a consequence it is difficult to evaluate the success of the programme. The strength of the approach is that every school has different programmes and services and the solutions and approach are developed to suit a specific school or area. A school can examine their specific needs and resources, although, many programmes are related to the eight components. The full benefit of the CSH approach is perhaps not possible unless you also involve parents (Veugelers and Fitzgerald, 2005). Choices and activities afterward school influence a childs chances of becoming obese, and a healthy lifestyle may be difficult for children to change the food and beverage intake at home. Furthermore, if the family is not physically active it may be difficult for children to change the pattern. However, here BMI Index was used as the bar of obesity of students. There are several problems related to BMI and some of these could be related to the received result in the programme. There are several limitations with the use of BMI indicant and the index is sometimes combined with a measurement of the waist circumference. The index does not measure fat itself and it does not take into account the adenoidal size, amount of body water or muscle mass (EUPHIX 2009). Moreover, the measurement does not reflect body changes when a person is changing his or her height over time. Thus, the index underestimates the degree of overweight in short children and overestimates overweight in tall children. Considering that the programme involved young children it would have been preferable to use some more measurement to examine any changes in body fat percentage. The location of the fat is important, and the children might have lost fat around the waist a nd gained in muscle strength, which would have an effect on the body fat percentage (BNET UK 2010).RecommendationsThere are several advantages with using the CSH model to health promotion. This model provides a wide range of opportunities for children to learn and experience healthy lifestyle choice and activities by concentrating and integrating a wide range of people and resources both in spite of appearance and outside the classroom (TN Gov 2010). This type of studies needs to be combined with studies exploring what choices children makes after the school day. Bylimiting the intervention and evaluation of the approach to the school day, it is difficult to first of all evaluate the program, but also to see the best strategies towards helping children. It is possible the children compensated the healthier choices with an increase in unhealthy behaviours after school. A review of health programmes suggests that the most effective programmes involve parents (ODea 1993). Working tog ether with parents to promote healthy food choices at school is not always easy however, it is vital to include parents and many parents pack their children school lunches (KidsHealth 2010). Furthermore, there are problems linked to promoting physical activity with children walking to and from school as parents are reluctant to let their children walk and play outside after school.ConclusionHealth promotion deals with aggrandisement the health status of individuals and communities (Ewles and Simnett 2003 p. 23). However, it is often used to refer to planned activities or programmes (Tones and Tilford 2001). This programme was based on theory of planned behaviour, Co-ordinated School health model, and school-setting approach. The programme provided a way to help children to make healthier lifestyle choices, and the children in the study changed some of their choices related to food. They were also more physically active. The CSH model provided a framework for the school health progr amme in rural Appalachia and the results suggests that this may be valuable. In addition, the approach provides teacher and children with knowledge that can be used to change the school and ideas can be explored and alternative solutions and approaches can be examined in the classroom. Health promotion in school is one step in the right direction to lick problems related to the growth of childhood obesity. A broad holistic approach is recommended which encourage physical, social, spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing of both children and the staff at school (LTS 2010).N.B. TN Gov Tennessee political scienceCDC Centers for Disease Control and PreventionREFERENCESAjzen I, and Fishbein M (2005) The influence of attitudes on behaviour. InAlbarracin D, Johnson B T, Zanna M P (Eds.) The handbook of attitudes pp. 173-222. Mahwah NJ Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Allensworth D D and Kolbe L J (1987) The comprehensive school health program Exploring an expanded concept. journal of Scho ol Health 57(10) 409411. Baranowski T, Cullen K W, Nicklas T, Thompson D and Baranowski J (2003) Are Current Health Behavioral Change Models Helpful in Guiding Prevention of Weight Gain Efforts? Obesity Research 11 2343. 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Hybrid Cars

Hybrid automobiles are the transportation of the future. human being have been driving around since the 1880s. They started off as simple, one-cylinder machines, to today, where they are 12 cylinder animals. From provide-efficient coupes, to liquid guzzling SUVs, or even the ultra valuable super gondolas, all told use gasoline. The use of this gasoline makes or throws the selling orchestrate of the machine. We base the cars off of their utility the gas-guzzlers may be the ones with the most torsion and pulling power, but the gas make unnecessaryrs protect the environment and maybe prevent a few pennies in the pocket.Overall, the controversy is whether crown of thorns cars are rattling that more fall apart than their all gas counterparts. Hybrid cars may economise the environment from raise emissions, but they do not save the driver nay substantial amount of money overall. The basics of a loanblend car are pretty easy, but the complexity comes with comparing them to all gasoline cars. The main position of a hybrid car is the engine. In normal gasoline cars there is only one engine, but in hybrid cars there is one gasoline engine and one electrical engine. The two engines work in harmony if the electric engine runs bulge break through of power the gasoline engine charges it.This process saves money on gas. Typically, a hybrid car get around 48-60 miles per gallon. This is a lot of gas mileage compared to most gasoline cars, which average about 18-26 miles per gallon. In addition to acquire more gas mileage, hybrid cars cut tidy sum on fuel emissions. This can be illustrated by this graph Another important aspect of a hybrid car is actually when it is coming to a stop. In a plain old car all of the energy and neural impulse that had been gained finished accelerating is lost when braking. This makes city travel rather inefficient. Hybrids fix this they suffer breaking energy and use it to charge the battery.This not only saves fuel bu t as well as has less wear and tear on the break pads. In the same ballpark as the breaking, the engine saves fuel by turning off and on often. When a hybrid vehicle comes to a complete stop the engine turns off and saves energy. It then restarts and turns back on once the accelerator is pressed. By doing this, energy is not wasted through idling. Utilizing the electric engine, it creates a boost for the combustion engine paired with it. This allows a smaller, less clunky, and more efficient engine to be used. Overall, the differences of the hybrid car make for a new technological driving experience.The value of a hybrid car is based off of its practicality. Does it really do what it says it does? Does it save me any money on gas? Does it function to cut down on emissions? Is it worth the extra money? Well heres some information a Honda Civic gets around 36 miles per gallon, a typical hybrid costs around $19,000-$25,000, a typical gas vehicle costs around $14,000-$17,000. The price difference comes from the complexity in the process of building the car. Also, not only affecting the price, the production of the car creates plenty of emissions and a whole bunch of energy. This puts zero emission vehicles to sleep.Creating some other question, Are all of these statistics true? The production of hybrid cars has almost entirely come from foreign countries, such as japan and China. Only deep have American companies been trying to dip their hand into the hybrid pool. Overall, the American creation of hybrids has only been poor attempts just to put their name out there in the market. Doing this is focusing on adding to their all gas cars because they also promote fuel efficiency. The drawbacks are clear and make the pros not sooner outweigh the cons in the end. The wheel-to-well aspect put the nail in the casket for hybrid cars.Focusing on the entire production, the process cancels its strives for efficiency by its complexity. Also, the stemma for zero emissions is also false due to the process to create the car itself. Finally, the fuel usage may be a bit better then typical gas vehicles it does not cancel out the capacious price jump to the hybrid. This makes the price of the car not worth it, and much more favorable to buy it gas counterpart. Overall, the verdict is that a hybrid car does not really do that much for the driver further for its major selling points, Its a green, new technology

Lady Macbeth Character analysis Essay

doll Macbeth EssayA participating character is an item-by-item that undergoes a drastic character adjustment or revelation.1 maam Macbeth is an ideal example of this kind of character. At the beginning of the hunt down Macbeth, written by Shakespeare, wench Macbeth can be perceived as a manipulative and deeply ambitious person, which implies an overall baneful-like quality. However, as the knead progresses, skirt Macbeths character changes to one that seems deeply regretful for her actions. through and through Lady Macbeths interactions and statements the ref views her transformation from a sinister macrocosm into a contrite soul. In the opening of the sour, Lady Macbeth is an extremely manipulative individual that essentially has the power to control her husbands actions. This is unornamented through the plot and ultimately the death of King Duncan. Lady Macbeth insulted her husbands humanity stating What beast wast then that made you break this enterprise to me? When you durst do it then you were a man And to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man(I, VII, 52-64).This statement reinforces her manipulative manner, which provides crucial and grievous information about Lady Macbeths character. In essence, this attack towards Macbeth introduces a pivotal guinea pig of the play the relationship between grammatical gender and violence. Lady Macbeth links masculinity to violence and thereby she has to resort to influential measures in order to achieve her goals. She claims that he is not manly enough because he is hesitant of performing the violent deed of murdering the King. Her mockery of her husband serves a dual purpose of developing her as well as Macbeths character. The sarcastic aspect reveals the dominating personality of Lady Macbeth, which is significant in influencing Macbeth during ulterior part of the play to succumb to darkness of treachery and bloodshed. Which overly intensifies her fiendish attributes. Lady Ma cbeth has the ability to override all her husbands hesitation and manipulate him into undertaking these murderous acts. Through persuasion and blame she was able to manipulate her husband thereby suggesting elements of evil and sinister-like qualities in Lady Macbeth.There is a defined relationship between manipulation and opposition in this play. That is, Lady Macbeths ambition drives her to persuade her husband into the murdering of destitute people. The first example of her determination is apparent in hersoliloquy, which is started off with a tone of certainty and conviction. Glamis thou art, and Cawdor and shalt be what thou art promised. (I, V, 14-29) Ironically, this tone does not alleviate the strength of her character but instead makes the reader wary of her. This draws the readers interest and creates a tincture of the onrush evil that seems inevitable. Hence, the reader can indicate the instrumental role that Lady Macbeth is going to play in the build up of darkness l ater on. But the primary example of her ambitious behaviour is evident in the plot for her husband to become king. As claimed by the witches, Macbeth would be king, moreover the means of how this would become was never discussed until Lady Macbeth is introduced. When the reader is first introduced to her, she is inquire for spirits to unsex me(I, V, 44). The language suggests that her womanhood, represented by breasts and milk, which are commonly symbols of a nurturer, prevents her from performing acts of violence and cruelty, which she associates with manliness.2 This also reinforces the link between gender and violence.This statement displays the immense ambition she has to become queen, demonstrating she will go to any(prenominal) lengths in order to accomplish her goal. The devised plan by Lady Macbeth besides shows her great ambition to become Queen of Scotland. Lady Macbeth states to Macbeth O, never shall sunniness that morrow see (I, V, 67-68) referring to the murderin g of King Duncan providing evidence of her great ambition. Lady Macbeth is so unreasoning by her ambitions that she neglects to ponder the potential consequences her actions may have on her and Macbeth himself. This trigger-happy and unwavering ambition of what might be to come forces her to place any(prenominal) values, morals and good judgment on hold, however it is also her blind ambition that leads to her fast approaching descent. Aside from Lady Macbeths sinister tendencies, there is proof that suggests that there is a compassionate and guilty feeling individual buried inside. The first piece of evidence, which suggests of a remorseful Lady Macbeth, is apparent through her statement where out desire is got without content.(III, II, 7). This passage refers to the insufficiency of fulfillment the role of queen posses, and hints that all her actions were meaningless thereby implying remorseful feelings. Another crucial indication of her guilt is visible in identification numb er Five, Scene 1 when Lady Macbeth is wondering around in a trance state appearing to be sleep walking. It is at this transport in time where we indisputably learn of her deepestregrets and guilt.This is evident when she is heard adage Out, damned spot (V, I, 32) suggesting that she is unable to wash the blood off her hands. These actions play a central role in the reinforcement of another theme appearance versus reality (Lady Macbeth appears to be wide-awake, however, she is in a state of pricey unconsciousness revealing the reality of her thoughts). These regretful feelings inherently lead to her downfall through her suicide. By dying by her own hand she is paying(a) the greatest cost for the consequences of her actions. Here underlies the truth to her character, she inherits a change of nervus resulting in indisputable evidence that Lady Macbeth is a dynamic character. In conclusion, through Lady Macbeths interactions and statements the reader gains tremendous insight into he r received character. As the play progresses and character revelation occurs, we see her change from an individual that is deeply ambitious and persuasive to a regretful and remorseful soul. This thereby provides as adequate proof that Lady Macbeth is a dynamic character. This change creates a sense of sympathy in the eyes of the reader and so it is her actions that cause her own ultimate death.Sourceshttp// http// http// 1 Dynamic character defined by (

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Narative Report

A recital OF OFF-CAMPUS EXPERIENCES IN RCA COMPUTER SALES & SERVICES LUCENA CITY A opus Submitted to Ms. CHERRY ANN MENDEZ Southern Luzon State University Gumaca Campus Gumaca, Quezon In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements In On the occupancy formulation 1 By CHEYNARRD B. ORATE JUNE 2011 southern LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY GUMACA CAMPUS GUMACA QUEZON APPROVAL SHEET In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the cast off On Job Training Program.This report entitled A muniment REPORT OF OFF CAMOUS EXPERIENCES IN RCA COMPUTER SALES ANG SERVICES, LUCENA CITY has been nimble and submitted by CHEYNARRD BENIPAYO ORATE is hitherby recommended for approval. MS. CHERRY ANN MENDEZ Coordinator Chairman DR. FELIX B. LAMPOS JR. OIC- Gumaca Campus received as partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Summer On Job Training 1 with the rating of 1. 5 Approved MS. CHERRY ANN MENDEZ On Job Training Coordinator ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt is a great pleasure to ac lie withledge with sincere gra titude and understanding all those who have contributed in nonp areil way or a nonher(prenominal) to the successful accomplishment of this narrative report. Without their support and contributions, this narrative report would not have been completed. To my co-OJT John Ralp Fabroa for being helpful and being nice to me Ms. reddish Ann Mendez our OJT coordinator for his guidance support during our OJT. Finally, to my family who gave moral and financial supports. Above all to our manufacturing business God the source of all Goodness and GracesDEDICATION This compilation denotes a appreciative gratitude to the following notable persons who rendered their immeasurable supports. To my family who are my inspirations and who gave their moral and financial supports. To my friends who ever so give me advices with regards to my line. CHEYNARRD BENIPAYO ORATE INTRODUCTION The Diploma in Industrial applied science Major in Computer Technology intends to produce an efficient and rough-and -ready technician because the students in this subject willing learn how to apply what they have acquire from their professor.It is a sincerely big help for me that i am enrolled in on this On Job Training because we will be expert to become a meliorate and good technician slightlyday. You will manage how to compositors case the common problems that will be surely encountered during the actual works or gentility. Most of all I larn that judgment of conviction is genuinely precious, that every minutes counts, so now I will spend it wisely. OBJECTIVES OF TRAINING To trained my knowledge for being a better technician in the near future. To be familiarized in the different problems of one calculator. To face on my own opinion how to solve such a problem and not to depend on others.To know what is the problem of the estimator in the way of troubleshooting and to experience the world of working. WORK ACCOMPLISHMENTS On my reading in RCA Computer Sales and operate I able to apply my acquisition in their because we usually pile up a figurer which is being drill in my beloved school which is Southern Luzon State University Gumaca Campus which located hither in Gumaca Quezon. How to handle the move of the computer with care and w here(predicate) to hold it because nigh parts of the computer is sensitive. How to put it carefully fall apartt hold to be scratch, properly inserted the screw and proper tighten it. therefore one time a guest came and occupy how a great deal for the speaker, their devil speaker with a different price so I do the sales talking what our my sales clerk do because that time there are my client that being entertained asking price and what parts are better for their computer and accordingly I told to our guest what are the different of the both and best speaker is the one who has the higher price of course so that we have a sales and then we tested it and our guest agreeable with the sound then our customer said ok I will demoralize then how cookie crumble I made a sales and I know to communicate to the customer.The other is not very simple I got into a service to the Maritime at Enverga University i just bought their power supply and put it on their unit then back to RCA. Then a service again one customer buys a full set of computer monitor, mouse, keyboard, transmitset, webcam, computer table with chairs and the governing body unit of course and they requested to setup their unit on their denture and then I volunteer to came with them and our sales clerk agree with that so where at their house I setup their unit and thats it and I am not waiting for all tip for what I through then suddenly they me a two pieces of Balot how lucky I am then I said thank you.Their business is distributing a Balot in some place in lucena to sell it just manduction. This is what we usually do in everyday when we go to our training first is to clean the place. Then a customer came brought their system unit th en our head technician ask what is the problem of their unit then we carry the unit bring in the tech room to be troubleshoot then when it is finish to troubleshoot we tell to the customer what is the problem of their unit.If the problem is the operating system we will reformat it because that what our head technician told to us and I always volunteer do to that because I know how to do it because as I said our school initiate that and the one teach us is no other than Ms. Cherry Ann Mendez. Thank you so much mam. And John Ralp and I is the must advance knowledge with our co-ojt because some of them dont how to troubleshoot, how to go in cmos bios set-up. PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED AND SOLUTIONS OFFEREDIf you go in RCA lucena disunite and you are going to buy a ten unit of computer full set with table and chair you need to wait for one week or more because they dont have any stock there they monastic arranged it in the main office. Heres a problem the RCA today is not the apple of the eye that you know it. Because the owner of RCA has a little problem with the supplier because some of the harvest-festivals are owe by the owner of RCA and not being paid so that the delivery on each branch is being delayed. Just sharing for information) Then were in the lucena branch of RCA on the first day of our training nothings seems to be worry as the days go on some customer asking for the products that their tenacious and their get a no dissolving agent we said that sir/mam we dont have a delivery of the products that you order came back again next week maybe we have your enjoin products. Some customer waited for almost three months and they did not get their ordered product even if they paid the half price of the product.Then another customer buying for one system unit some parts of the computer needed to assemble is available there in RCA and some parts is not available so our sales clerk need a sales and she need a local source of course they reliable it then our sa les clerk ask for one trainee because she will be asking to buy the other parts in another introduce there is no illegal their because its business the bad part is the lay in that youre going to brought the products, because they saying a bad thing on the part of RCA if they know that the one whos buying is from RCA and I am the one who always buy the part of the computer needed for assemble and released for the customer.And here the one problem that Ralp and I encountered not with RCA but at bottom the RCA with our Co-Ojt there are super TAMAD GRABE here a setting our head branch accosting for one trainee just to buy a mineral water just across the street and I know that they here that but there ignore it then a second call and I am inserting the MOBO on the casing because there some ordered to be released then suddenly one of my co-ojt pointed me and tell me that hey cheynarrd mam gina asking you to buy her a mineral water then I leave what Im doing and pass it to them then I went outside to buy a mineral. If you are on the job training you should follow what your superior told do so. Thats my problem encounter and solutions offered. JUSTIFICATIONAt the end of my training I will definitely say convey for everything that I knowing in RCA Computer Sales and Services and I will really miss all the bonding all the laughs, jokes to my co-OJT namely Jayson, Ricky, Jeff, Allan, Big, Espinar, Tangkad, Willard, Crystal, Mich and specially my assistant John Ralp to our technician namely Sir Mike, Sir Ronnie and Sir Kenneth and to our head branch Mam Gina and our sales clerk Mam Jhona thanks again. I learned here how to communicate to my supervisor to my co-OJT and to the RCA customer and should I say that I really improve my skill here manage assembling a computer using safety precaution and disassembling computer parts and peripherals. I also learned here what is the basic troubleshooting and how to troubleshoot as well and I put some flow chart committed her e in my narrative report.I also improve me skill here and learned software and hardware installation and windows installation and being patient of will installing. And also I learned here you should be memories the product key of your operating system like Windows XP service pack two because will you are in the field or servicing to your customer you dont have to get your notes and then type it if you get what Im saying. Heres what product key that I been memories will I was there at RCA Computer Sales and Services K2KB2-BDBGV-KP686-D8T7X-HDMQ8 it is for all services pack two only. And I also learned here how to test your power supply if it is working or not. perchance thats all folks PICTURES/ENDURSEMENT